Handmade Crafts From Loveland CO

Since I was a child one of my favorite things has been seeing someone smile just from looking at something I've created. Thank you for visiting my store, I hope something here has made you smile.

Book Pillows

Reading pillows are perfect for reading on the go, car rides, or... 

One Off Creations

Sometimes I find something cool and I just need to make something... 

Readers Sets

Our Readers Sets are a trifecta of book reader essentials curated by... 

Rhiannon's Crafts LLC

Rhiannons Crafts LLC started in Late 2021 with a passion for books and crafting.

Pendulum Mats

Portable Pendulum Mat, Guidance Mat, Guardian Communication Mat, Communication Mat, Divination Tool.... 

Portable Tarot Reading Mats Large & Small

Portable tarot mat for quick readings on the go! Mat includes zippered... 

  • Want to put a name on it?

    If you would like to put a name on an item please place your order and then send an e-mail to rhiannonscrafts@gmail.com

    with the name you would like added. Name will be placed on front pocket.

  • Want to see these in person?

    I love Makers Markets and I am at them frequently. Follow my social media pages to see which one I'll be at next!

  • See something extra in your order?

    Don't worry it wasn't a mistake. I frequently add in a little something extra to orders. I get excited when someone purchases one of my favorite designs and just want to show my appreciation.